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I have always felt a deep need to express myself creatively. By the time I was 17, I knew I had to act on my dreams. To pursue this personal passion, I moved from my native city to the metropolis of Madrid and began the process of teaching myself, beginning in the world of shoe design.

From the first steps of my self-taught journey I began to design jewlery, using precious and semi-preciouse stones. My first handmade jewlery garnered attention among the well-known jewelry artisans from Madrid. This success infused me with enough confidence to continue my way within the designer’s world.

The first success with my jewelry work gave me the opportunity to visit fashion shows, International Fashion and Compliments Fairs, where I met world-famous Spanish designers. Eventually, these same artists became my direct mentors.

During the next stage of my professional carrer, I invested the majority of my time in elborating my own Know – How in the process of producing unique products. I started to design and craft by hand shoes. Each piece is unique, and is a direct result of my dedication and inspiration based on personal sensations and the world of dreams.

Designing shoes allow me to reach the peak of professional self-realization, and feeds into my true passion. At the age of 29 I set up my own shoe brand, which carries my name – Ana Pallarés- the brand that has my own seal and distinctive personal touch.