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Ana Pallares’s Universe emerges from the designer’s creative world. The world that defines her lifestyle and inspires her to create unique pieces for women to exhibit their elegance and femininity through their shoe style.

Would you like to discover the charm of Ana Pallares’s World? Her shoes are the passport to her Universe.



The symbolism of the brand represents the integral qualities of Ana Pallares´s dream world through the essential elements of the Universe.



Fire represents the positive energy and force of the collection. It’s a vital element that motivates all the backstage people who elaborate the shoes: from the starting point to the end of the process.



The Earth represents our dedication to the envirionment that surrounds us. The elaboration of the shoes is artesanal, employing natural materials, and ethically produced leather.



The symbol of Water takes a special protagonism in Ana Pallares´s world. The designer is driven to be in a contact with the sea, to soak in inspiration and populate her dream world with new creations.



And last, the Air is a basic life element infusing the collection with its own life and positive emotions.